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  1. Alex Honnold is a professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America's biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world
  2. Alex Honnold 3.0 (videó) The Ascent of Alex Honnold (videó), Lara Logannel a 60 Minutesben; Alone on the Falon (videó) a National Geographic Adventures TV First Ascent című sorozatának epizódja Alex Honnold szólómászásáról a Half Dome-on Yosemiteben és Moonlight Buttressen Zionban; Alone on the Wall, interjú, 2016. január 3
  3. Alex Honnold is an American rock climber best known for free soloing El Captain in Yosemite National Park in 2017. He is the only person to free solo El Captain and holds the record of the fastest ascent to Yosemite Triple crown

Alex Honnold ascends 1,000 feet of sheer rock to the top of the tepui, a remote island in the sky deep in the Amazon jungle The Freerider on El Capitan was Alex Honnold's life-long dream. The news of the free solo on the 1,000-meter wall spread like wildfire worldwide in summer 2017, taking the whole climbing scene by surprise. Honnold was already looking for solitude again then. Instead of allowing himself to celebrate, he took things to Alaska Alex Honnold is the best climber alive. And here is a special we made for him! Enjoy!Subscribe http://bit.ly/AdrenalineTVChannel for weekly videos!-----..

Rock climber and Oscar winner Alex Honnold is a married man! After proposing to girlfriend Sanni McCandless last Christmas, the couple said I do during an intimate, family-only ceremony on Lake. Alex Honnold is a professional rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America's biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognised and follow..

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About Alex Honnold. Alex Honnold is a professional rock climber and a social media star. He started his climbing when he was 5 in a climbing gym. Born on 17 August 1985 Alex is 33 years old he was born in Sacramento, California, United States. Alex's mother Dierdre Wolownick Honnold and father Charles Honnold are US citizen From Sacramento, California, Alex Honnold's climbing career began when he was about 5 and he would scale the kitchen fridge before moving on to the roof of the house. He became a regular at the climbing gym by age 10. As a teen, he competed in many national and international youth climbing championships

The latest tweets from @AlexHonnold Alex Honnold on Thank God Ledge, June, 2006. Photo by Jimmy Chin, via Alamy. One part of the movie focuses on the psychology behind Alex's ability to climb 3,000 foot mountains without any type. Le 22 juillet dernier, l'Américain Alex Honnold a gravi en solo intégral la Directe américaine (1000 m, 6c) dans la face ouest du Petit Dru (3730 m), jusqu'au sommet du dièdre clé de 90 mètres. Sans baudrier, évitant la sortie originale qui comporte une section en mauvais rocher, Honnold est redescendu du haut du dièdre par la même.

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  1. Alex Honnold (* 17. srpna 1985 Sacramento) je americký horolezec známý hlavně díky lezení ve stylu free solo (lezení bez jištění), a vícedélkovému lezení. Honnold je jediný člověk, kterému se podařilo bez jištění přelézt stěnu El Capitan v Yosemitském národním parku a je držitelem rekordu ve zdolání takzvané Triple crown - vylezení tří cest na Mount Watkins.
  2. 経歴. カリフォルニア州 サクラメント出身。 10歳のときにクライミングを始めた 。 マイラ・ローマ・ハイスクールを優秀な成績(gpa 4.7) で卒業し、カリフォルニア大学バークレー校に入学した。 19歳で大学を中退し、以降バンでの生活を続けながらクライミングに専念する
  3. Alex Honnold. [2019-08-08] (美國英語). 延伸閱讀 . Bethea, Charles. Dispatch: Alex Honnold Climbs Halfway Up a New Jersey Skyscraper. The New Yorker. September 7, 2018 [October 14, 2018]. Dean, Josh. His Life in His Hands. Men's Journal. [October 14, 2018]. [永久失效連結] Duane, Daniel. The Heart-Stopping Climbs of Alex Honnold
  4. Alex Honnold (ur. 17 sierpnia 1985 w Sacramento, Kalifornia) - wspinacz amerykański, znany z trudnych i szybkich przejść klasycznych, w tym z klasycznych przejść bez asekuracji (ang. free solo) dróg na wielkich ścianach górskich. W czerwcu 2017 roku dokonał pierwszego w ogóle przejścia słynnej ściany El Capitan bez asekuracji i klasycznie, drogą Freerider, mającą blisko 900.
  5. Alex Honnold. Today's bonus episode of @climbinggold features @bethrodden. She inspired a generation of climbers with her incredible free ascents of El Cap and hard trad climbs. Her leap into that realm began at an impromptu pizza party hosted by Lynn Hill (@_linacolina_ ). When a living legend asks you to ditch university and come to.
  6. Alex Honnold (30) a Yosemite-völgy felé tart 2002-es Econoline furgonjával, amit mászókörökben csak pedofil furgon néven ismernek. Feszes tempóban halad, a sebességgel igyekszik elütni a három órás út unalmát. Az édesanyja sacramentói házából indult a Völgybe, a helyre, ahol igazi sziklamászó lett belőle, és amit.
  7. Alex Honnold, Self: Free Solo. Alex Honnold was born on August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California, USA as Alexander J. Honnold. He is known for his work on Free Solo (2018), Reel Rock Film Tour (2010) and Reel Rock (2016)

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Alexander J. Honnold (Sacramento, 17 de agosto de 1985) es un escalador estadounidense de grandes paredes en el estilo solitario libre (sin protección ni seguridad). Ha roto varios récords de escalada y velocidad, el más notable es el primer ascenso en solitario libre de la ruta Freerider (El Capitán - 900 m) en 3 horas y 56 minutos, el 3 de junio de 2017 Alex Honnold can't wait to see Olympic sport climbing The star of Oscar-winning climbing documentary 'Free Solo' is looking forward to the sport's Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, but the American admits he's too old and too weak to be among those competing in the combined event at the Games, which involves lead, speed, and bouldering formats Alone on the Wall By Alex Honnold, David Roberts & The Impossible Climb By Mark Synnott 2 Books Collection Set by David Roberts Alex Honnold , Mark Synnott , et al. | Jan 1, 2021 4.5 out of 5 stars

This time last month, we were preparing to unveil the world's first Electric Adventure Vehicles. On our way to the LA Auto Show, we made a pit stop in Nevada to visit a friend — someone who has been waiting a long time for the chance to go electric and get behind the wheel of the R1T — our brand partner and favorite climber, Alex Honnold Alex Honnold, Sacramento. 483 786 ember kedveli · 14 146 ember beszél erről. It is what it is. And it's pretty good Alex Honnold is a rock climber who is best known for tackling the 3,000-foot El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park without climbing equipment. Free soloing is regarded as one of the most dangerous forms of sport because climbers rely solely on their athletic abilities to prevent themselves from falling. Alex's spectacular achievement featured [ Alex Honnold on the life lessons that followed Free Solo Since the release of the Oscar-winning film, he's made first ascents in Antarctica, set the Nose speed record with Tommy Caldwell and.

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  1. Alex Honnold nemcsak a hegyen, de az életben is igyekszik szabadulni a kötöttségektől. Egyszerűségre törekszik, környezettudatosan és egészségesen él. Kisbuszban lakik, rezsón főz, egy fejlámpa fényénél olvas, csak összekucorodva fér el a matracán, és esténként vizespalackba pisil
  2. ABOUT: Alex Honnold is one of America's most fit homeless. Despite a general lack of education or skills he's managed to climb relatively hard routes for surprisingly long amounts of time. Or occasionally for very short amounts of time [see The Nose]. He loves walking but hates beaches
  3. Freeclimbing legend Alex Honnold -- the star of Free Solo -- is being hailed as a real-life hero after rescuing a fellow climber Sunday who fell off a famous rock formation in Yosemite.. Honnold.
  4. Alex Honnold has send his first 5.14d with a tick of Arrested Development on Mount Charleston close to his home in Las Vegas. In the past, he'd sent Supermanboy 5.14c and Superman 5.14c at Check and Gren Mile 5.14c at Jail House. After his send of Arrested Development, he said on 8a.nu, First of the grade, pretty exciting
  5. Alex Honnold hat die Angewohnheit, dass er vor großen Herausforderungen kaum jemanden Bescheid sagt, um die volle Konzentration auf das Klettern zu legen. Beim Free Solo am El Capitan waren dann auch nur Jimmy Chin und sein Filmteam dabei (Der Film feierte im Sommer 2018 seine Premiere.)

Alex Honnold (Sacramento, 17 agosto 1985) è un arrampicatore e alpinista statunitense.. È noto per la pratica del free solo e dell'arrampicata di velocità.Ha stabilito numerosi record di velocità sulle pareti del Parco nazionale di Yosemite.. Detiene il record di salita della via The Nose su El Capitan, stabilito insieme a Tommy Caldwell salendo la via in 1:58:07 nel mese di giugno del 2018 TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Imagine being by yourself in the dead center of a 3,000-foot vertical cliff -- without a rope to catch you if you fall. For professional rock climber Alex Honnold, this dizzying scene marked the culmination of a decade-long dream. In a hair-raising talk, he tells the story of how he summited Yosemite's El Capitan, completing one of the most dangerous free. Alex Honnold climbs without any safety gear, and he does it on some of the toughest and longest climbs in the world. Ever heard of Half Dome? The 2000 foot tall granit behemoth in Yosemite? Well Honnold free soloed that and El Capitan.. and Mt. Watkins.. and a bunch of other ridiculous rock faces.. Alex Honnold ha effettuato una salita in free solo della Direttissima Americana, via aperta da Royal Robbins e John Harlin nel 196

Alex Honnold, a record-holding free solo climber has bared all for ESPN's Body Issue. The dad-of-one, 34, posed against rocks and revealed his toned and lean frame for the iconic magazine, left Luckily, we have Alex Honnold. The van-dweller turned Oscar-winner himself announced a rad Sprinter giveaway on July 21, in partnership with Omaze. Honnold runs publicity and Vansmith handles the. 美国29岁冒险家亚历克斯·霍诺尔德(Alex Honnold)日前参加光明之路攀爬(Shining Path climb)挑战赛,成为世界上第一个不使用安全绳、徒手爬上762米高悬崖的人 A well-known climber was rescued by Free Solo star Alex Honnold after she had a terrifying fall on El Capitan Peak in Yomesite Park. Emily Harrington, 33, was trying to scale the 3,200-foot.

Black Diamond Solution - Alex Honnold's Harness Of Choice. $74.95 $56.21 at Backcountry. $74.95 at REI. Alex Honnold's pro model harness gets tested. There is also a Honnold Edition of the harness, which is exactly the same as the normal harness but in a different color and with Alex Honnold's signature printed on Alex Honnold is a professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free solo ascents of America's biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world. A gifted but hard-working athlete, he is known as much for his humble, self-effacing attitude as he is for the dizzyingly tall cliffs he has climbed. Alex Honnold promised his mother he'd send a postcard. That was back in 2010, just before embarking on a trip to Chad, the dead heart of Africa, a landlocked country bordered by Libya, Niger.

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  1. Alex Honnold Net Worth. As of August 2021, Alex Honnold has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million. The only passion of Alex Honnold is climbing rocks and creative writing. Out of his two passions, he earns a perfect amount of income. He is the highest-paid rock climber in the whole world. As we speak, his net worth is about $2 million
  2. Alex Honnold. Alex Honnold is a professional rock climber whose audacious free-solo ascents of America's biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world. A gifted but hard-working athlete, Alex No Big Deal Honnold is known as much for his humble, self-effacing attitude as he is for the.
  3. Alex Honnold photo: Niccolò Caranti, license cc-by-sa-3.. Biography. American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls
  4. Free Solo: Directed by Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. With Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy Chin, Cheyne Lempe. Alex Honnold attempts to become the first person to ever free solo climb El Capitan
  5. Alex Honnold, a Soul Freed in 'Free Solo'. In a world of B.S. artists — and in a country led by one — Honnold is modeling something else, a kind of radical truthfulness. Oct. 25, 2018.

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Alex Honnold's recommended reads for your next rest day. Books about the environment, energy access, the economy, and the way we eat have all influenced the creation of the Honnold Foundation, and the evolution of Alex Honnold's approach to the world Alex Honnold's historic free solo climb of El Capitan in Yosemite Park is the subject of the critically acclaimed National Geographic documentary, Free Solo. The documentary also sheds light on Alex Honnold as a boyfriend dating Cassandra Sanni McCandless. She shares his passion for rock-climbing and has been supportive of his El. Imagine being by yourself in the dead center of a 3,000-foot vertical cliff -- without a rope to catch you if you fall. For professional rock climber Alex Honnold, this dizzying scene marked the culmination of a decade-long dream. In a hair-raising talk, he tells the story of how he summited Yosemite's El Capitan, completing one of the most dangerous free solo climbs ever Alex Honnold's first interview after free-solo climbing El Capitan. Honnold reveals how he accomplished the greatest feat in rock climbing history. This story was originally published on June 4. Alex Honnold is a professional adventure rock climber, author, and co-host, with Fitz Cahall, of the Climbing Gold podcast. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes

Alex Honnold in The Nose Speed Record An exclusive clip from the new documentary about the famed free solo climber. Quoting Honnold, whose record-breaking climb of Yosemite National Park's El. Fame, fear and freedom: Alex Honnold on climbing with no rope His ropeless ascent of El Capitan has taken climbing into the mainstream — and to the Oscars Share on twitter (opens new window Alex Honnold is the only climber to free solo climb the 3000-foot granite wall, the El Capitan in Yosemite National park, without using any form of safety gear. His National Geographic documentary 'Free Solo' about the El Capitan climb has won the Academy Award of Best Documentary Getty Images. Rock climber Alex Honnold, known for his free solo ascents—aka climbing without ropes, harnesses or any other equipment—had a pretty memorable 2019. He started the year with an. Alex Honnold has paddled a whitewater kayak from the summit of Mt. Everest to Base Camp, in winter. He correctly predicted 100 percent of his NCAA Tournament bracket in last year's office pool. He is a vegetarian and eats nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day

June 3, 2017. Alex felt confident and ready and prepared. It was a perfect execution. 3 hours and 56 minutes of glorious mastery. Alex Honnold's TED talk has over 5 million views. As a hugely popular keynote speaker, Alex shares the risks involved with this decade-long dream to complete one of the most dangerous free solo climbs ever Alex Honnold is going solo no more. The Oscar-winning rock climber and his fiancée Sanni McCandless got married yesterday in a small family ceremony on the shores of Lake Tahoe, CA. Fellow rock climber Tommy Caldwell officiated the ceremony. We got married!! Small family ceremony on the lake, officiated by @tommycaldwell, totally lovely all. On June 3, 2017, my boyfriend, Alex Honnold, became the first person to free-solo El Capitan, a 3,000-foot wall in Yosemite National Park. It was an achievement compared to the lunar landing.

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Alex Honnold: Part of the reason I did the movie was just because it made it easier for me to work on a project, sort of counter- intuitively. Speaker 1: Sure. Alex Honnold: But the thing is there's a lot of work involved in working on a route like that. A lot of just toil, like carrying ropes up and down, coiling ropes, managing Rest in peace, said Alex Honnold, focus of the Academy Award-winning documentary Free Solo. You will be dearly missed, Free Solo director Jimmy Chin wrote on social media , calling Gobright a. Alex J. Honnold (Sacramento, Kalifornia, 1985. augusztus 17. -) amerikai sportoló, hegymászó, sziklamászó. Elsősorban technikailag nehéz és kimerítő, kötél nélküli, nagyfalas szabad szólómászásai szereztek neki hírnevet. Elsősorban a Yosemite Nemzeti Park gránitfalain mászik, ő az egyetlen ember, aki egyedül. A lex Honnold has his own verb. To honnold—usually written as honnolding—is to stand in some high, precarious place with your back to the wall, looking straight into the abyss. To face fear, literally. The verb was inspired by photographs of Honnold in precisely that position on Thank God Ledge, located 1,800 feet off the deck. Alex Honnold 2009-ben határozta el, hogy free soloban meg fogja mászni az ikonikus hegycsúcsot. A táv teljesítéséhez veterán mászóknak kötéllel is több napra van szükségük. A rettegett gránitfal megmászása a test minden egyes izmát igénybe veszi: sorsdöntő lehet az ujjak erőssége, a vádli, a hát- és hasizmok.

Alex Honnold's Perfect Climb. By J. B. MacKinno n. June 9, 2017. Save this story for later. El Capitan, the towering stone heart of Yosemite National Park and a sweep of golden granite reaching. Alex Honnold megmászta a Yosemite Nemzeti Parkban található El Capitan egyik legnehezebb útját, a Freeridert. A teljesítmény két szempontból is bravúr: A megmászott út olyan nehézségű, hogy alig egy éve még azzal is a magazinokba lehetett kerülni, ha valakinek sikerült kötéllel, biztosítással feljutni, olyan módon, hogy a mászó egyszer sem hibázott és esett level 1. Decium. · 8y. For people who aren't familiar with this guy, here he is talking about atheism and nature a bit more. And here is a bonus video for you to watch with a 99% chance of getting sweaty palms. 9. level 1. jonassteele. Op · 8y Alex Honnold, free solo climbing legend, has entered into a partnership with Tradingview. The partnership is part of the 'Look first / then leap' promotional campaign and rebranding of the platform. Tradingview is the world's best rated financial app with an average of 4.9 on the App Store. The.

Alex J Honnold is a professional climber from the United States of America. He dropped out of school to pursue his climbing career. He is a multi-talented individual who is not only competent at climbing but also creative in his writing Free Solo, the film that chronicles Alex Honnold's no-ropes ascent of Yosemite's El Capitan film, received rave reviews from practically every media outlet under the sun. But an October 2018 Op-Ed in the New York Times might have summed it up best: On June 3, 2017, Alex Honnold free soloed. Biography. American rock climber best known for his free solo ascents of big walls. He is the only person to have free-solo climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park and has broken a number of speed records, most notably the only known solo climb (mostly free climbing with a few points of aid) of the Yosemite Triple crown, an 18-hour 50 minute link up of Mount Watkins, The Nose, and the. Alex Honnold, a 33-year-old American rock climber, scaled his way up the 3,000-feet-high El Capitan in California. Honnold is a free soloist, which entails rock climbing without using ropes, harnesses, or any protective gear, purely supported by one's bodily strength

Watch Alex Honnold free-solo Astroman 5.11 in Yosemite. The first climber to free-solo it and the Rostrum 5.11 in a day was Canadian Peter Croft in 1987. In 2017, Honnold free-soloed Freerider 5.13a on El Capitan. After his historic climb, he said the following to Mark Synnott in this interview about what he was thinking about on the wall Alex Honnold, The Man Without Fear. 4 minutes. Last update: 14 September, 2018. Alex Honnold represents one of the most enigmatic neuroscience cases. He is the exception to the rule. Most people have the fear of falling. This is why even newborn babies experience upheavals if they feel they're falling. It's an instinctive fear Alex Honnold. 5. I'm not nostalgic for my glory days in college. It was lame for me. Probably because I had no friends. Alex Honnold. 4. So many people condemn me for risk taking, but I find it sort of hypocritical because everybody takes risks. Even the absence of activity could be viewed as a risk Dopo la vittoria dell'Oscar per Free Solo, Alex Honnold ha dimostrato a più riprese, tra video-interviste esilaranti e podcast, di non essere poi così timido come generalmente appare, ma.

Featuring BD Athlete Alex Honnold's signature touches on his favorite Solution Harness, this limited-edition harness sports a unique color and Honnold's printed signature on the right leg loop. But we didn't just stop there. We also re-created the exact old-school BD chalk bag Honnold wore on his historic, mind-bending free solo of El Cap. Alex Honnold is climbing into the podcast world with Climbing Gold, which will tell stories from some of the all-time greats. Finding your passion early in life is a rarity No one embodies this ethos quite like Alex Honnold.. Renowned adventurer and global icon of athletic mastery, Alex is widely recognized for his death-defying ropeless ascent of El Capitan—a 3,600-foot sheer vertical rock face he climbed without a harness or any protective gear whatsoever The 'Free Solo' star and climbing legend Alex Honnold gives an in-depth rundown of what to expect from climbing as it appears at the Olympic Games for the first time at Tokyo 2020. The 'combined' event features lead, speed, and bouldering rounds. Who does the American think will medal at the debut of the sport 347. Alex Honnold Death - Is Dead, Obituary, Funeral, Cause Of Death, Passed Away: On April 25, 2021, InsideEko Media learned about the death of Alex Honnold through social media publications made on Twitter. InsideEko is yet to confirm Alex Honnold's cause of death as no health issues, accident or other causes of death have been learned to.

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Produced by Plimsoll Productions, On the Edge with Alex Honnold sees Honnold embark on a lifelong dream - an epic climbing quest across the remotest and toughest walls and peaks of Greenland, a. Alex Honnold in the Swiss Alps: Directed by Ben Simms. With Bear Grylls. Free Solo rock-climber Alex Honnold joins Bear Grylls for a breathtaking adventure through the Swiss Alps! Alex is no stranger to dizzying heights, but he's not use to falling from them, so Bear kicks off the journey with a skydive into the jagged mountains

  1. A világ tán legmenőbb sziklamászójával matinézunk
  2. Alex Honnold on his first outdoor climb, at age 11. Photo credit: Philippe Poirier. Through all of this, your son Alex is growing up to be a little different than most other kids on the playground, always moving and climbing—often to the frustration or worry of other parents
  3. Alex was a little worried about that spot when we climbed it together, says Tommy Caldwell, one of the best big-wall climbers in the world, who roped up with Honnold on Freerider a week.

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Alex Honnold Aber Honnold, sichtlich gerührt von dieser warmen Zuneigung der Medienleute, schaut treuherzig in die Runde, zupft sein T-Shirt lang und versucht, die Tat am El Capitan zu relativieren 272k Likes, 5,618 Comments - Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold) on Instagram: @espn is featuring me in the latest Body Issue. Whoa. Sort of an unusual shoot for me - turns ou Alex Honnold speaks to Good Morning America on Nov. 27, 2019, about helping to rescue Emily Harrington while climbing El Capitan. I was holding the other end of the rope and she unfortunately.

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Alex Honnold has doubled his takings: after the fast ascent of the trio Mount Watkins, El Capitan and Half Dome with Tommy Caldwell, between 5 and 6 June the 26-year-old US climber carried out an incredible and fast solo ascent of the Yosemite Triple once again ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS: We bring you some info on an amazingly inspirational person named Alex Honnold! If you don't know who he is, you definitely should and we guarantee he will help impact your environmental wellness. Also, don't forget to check out his new movie Free Solo as well or pi While he won't be competing, Alex Honnold tells PEOPLE he's thrilled to watch some of the world's best climbers perform on the international stage. By Katie Campione. August 05, 2021 12:03 PM A post shared by Alex Honnold (@alexhonnold) on Sep 4, 2019 at 10:54am PDT Interview Highlights On taking nudes that don't sexualize the subject, but instead emphasize their athleticism

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Unique Alex Honnold Posters designed and sold by artists. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome El 3 de junio de 2017, el norteamericano Alex Honnold escaló los casi 1.000 metros de la pared del Capitán sin emplear cuerdas ni agarrarse a otra cosa que no fuese la roca. En los pasos más.

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These People Are Not Afraid Of Heights - Travels And LivingFree Solo DVD Release Date | Redbox, Netflix, iTunes, AmazonThe Most Difficult Rope-less Climb EVER | Alex Honnold奇迹丨Alex Honnold 成功无保护攀登悠胜美地酋长岩(没错,就是苹果电脑壁纸上的那个900米垂直绝壁) - 知乎The Summiting Of The Dawn Wall - The Georgetown VoiceEl Capitan’s Dawn Wall: Coverage of the Ascent at Yosemite
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